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Bringing The Best of Local Right to Your Door

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Windsor-Essex is a region rich in culture and cuisine, art, history and entertainment, and blessed with unparalleled waterfronts and natural beauty. There’s an eclectic array of local artisans, farm fresh produce, and services, and shopping and supporting these local businesses is an integral part of what makes Windsor-Essex a strong and viable community. 

This reality is what prompted high school student Dakota DeRoy to start her local business, Crate & County. Having personally worked with many small businesses in the region as a web designer, DeRoy noticed that the most common problem among small local businesses is they have trouble reaching out to new customers.

“I wanted to discover a way to introduce these local products and services to different people all around our area,” DeRoy stated. In other words, bring the local bounty of the county to your door.

Crate & County launched this spring and is supported through the Small Business Centre’s Summer Company program for student entrepreneurs.

“We work with new and different local small businesses each month by releasing a box for purchase,” said DeRoy. “In the box we feature four products and services from the small businesses in an effort to promote their brands and provide outreach for their business.”

Customers can learn about new places in their communities while receiving high quality services and products. DeRoy remarked, “I connect buyers to businesses and shine a light on small businesses ... Our business is shopping local made easy.”

Crate & County has brought the subscription box trend to Windsor-Essex as a vehicle to bring unique and high-quality local products and services to citizens who may not have access to transportation or who value the convenience of at-your-door service.

Crate & County has grown significantly over the summer. “I went from having no clients or business partnerships to selling several subscription boxes and having multiple local partners that want to offer their goods and services each month,” said DeRoy. “I am proud of how hard I’ve worked to get to this point and I plan to grow my business through increasing subscribership and partners throughout the region and beyond.”

DeRoy pointed to her involvement in the Summer Company program as a contributing factor in the establishment and growth of her business. “… the Summer Company student grant program has helped with the financial support needed and taught me many valuable lessons. I have gained priceless experiences and professional advice through the mentorship provided,” said DeRoy, adding, “The main thing that I have derived from the program is diligence. … Throughout the program I have come to respect what I do and realize how important time is and give myself full potential to complete and do amazing things with time.”

DeRoy’s favourite part of her venture is meeting new people who inspire her as a person and knowing that she is making a positive impact within her community. “My motivation to wake up and continue to expand and work with my business is the smiles from business owners and customers when they get to benefit from my business and truly believe in me. I love working with people and I am so happy that I get to pursue this as a career.”

DeRoy will be studying Advertising and Marketing Communications Management at St. Clair College this fall and will use this new education and experience toward the growth and success of her business. “I see myself running a few businesses long-term as I always have and always will challenge myself at everything I do,” said DeRoy.

With the holiday season just around the corner, Crate & County offers great gift ideas with themed monthly delivery of the best Essex County has to offer. Visit to see what this month has in store.

Dekota DeRoy is a client of The WindsorEssex Small Business Centre that received funding and mentorship through the Summer Company program. You, too, can receive support in launching or expanding your small business. Contact the WindsorEssex Small Business Centre for more information.