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Treasures and trinkets abound at Kingsville gift shop

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Diners at Annabelle’s Tea Room have another reason to visit the property. D’s Fabulous Finds is a new boutique gift shop co-located inside the 1859 historic home in the heart of Kingsville.

Owner Dawn Mackinnon carefully selects all the local treasures that can be found in her shop, including jewelry, accessories, clothing, home decor, books, beauty products and much more. Mackinnon is continuously on the look out for great additions to the shop, providing customers with new and interesting finds each time they visit.

For Mackinnon, the thrill of finding the perfect treasures for her shop is what keeps her motivated. “My favourite part is finding things that are unique, fun and affordable for my customers,” said Mackinnon, adding, “I also really love to be able to help customers put together a gift for someone on their budget, or help them finish off an outfit for an upcoming event.”

Having only been open since November, Mackinnon is already starting to see repeat clientele coming in on a regular basis. She has gained insight into purchasing patterns, price points and how to merchandise affectively in a small space. “I’ve had really great feedback about the store and products I’ve chosen and how fun and interesting and unique they are.”

That’s not say there hasn’t been a learning curve to starting D’s Fabulous Finds. “For any business cash flow is king and knowing what customers will buy versus what my personal tastes are was a challenge,” said Mackinnon. “The business is constantly evolving I am now starting to pay more attention to what customers come back for ... I made a few wrong assumptions, however, being in the environment every day is helping me tweak the actual purchasing on my end.”

Mackinnon choose to open her business in Kingsville because of the growing opportunities. “We live in Kingsville, it’s a phenomenal town with lots and lots of opportunity to both serve the local community and tourists.” She would like to continue to grow the business by adding an e-commerce website to reach more potential customers and increase sales. 

Being a small business entrepreneur is never easy, but the information and resources provided by the Small Business Centre helped Mackinnon overcome some of these challenges. “I learned how to get a clear focus of what I wanted to do, hold myself accountable, look at my numbers affectively and shift if I needed to.”

Macknnon’s advice to anyone looking to start their own business is to “ask for help from your advisor, your community and other entrepreneurs. Set aside time to work on your business plan outside of working in the business.”

Next time you take a walk down Main Street in Kingsville to peruse the shops, make sure to check out all the unique treasures at D’s Fabulous Finds.


Dawn Mackinnon is a client of the WindsorEssex Small Business Centre and received support and mentorship through the Starter Company Plus program. You, too, can receive support in launching or expanding your small business. Contact the WindsorEssex Small Business Centre for more information.