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Looking after our seniors

Thursday, June 16, 2016


Published by Biz X Magazine | June 2016

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This summer, a pair of sisters will open a business specifically aimed at providing the highest quality care and support to seniors, dependent adults and their families.

Stephanie Moore and Erin White plan to open Dignified Day in Windsor at 3244 Walker Road this August.

The concept behind the business is to provide a place where individuals can come to receive personal care and mental and social stimulation, while their caregivers get a much-needed break.

“We hope that by offering local families the help and assistance they are searching for, they will be able to keep their loved ones at home for as long as possible and age-in-place successfully, explains Moore, who is the Food Service and Operations Manger of the venture, while her sister is the Wellness and Recreation Manager.

The sisters, who both have education and experience in the areas of gerontology and caring for seniors, say they realized the community was lacking a unique resource like this for seniors.
“We aren’t just a normal day-away program where you show up and are forced to play the daily activities that are laid out,” describes Moore. “We want to work with our clients and find activities they are interested in and can enjoy. It gives them a place where they can come to enjoy socialization and mental stimulation.”

Dignified Day will provide a continental breakfast and a three-course lunch daily, which can also help seniors who have trouble making nutritious meals for themselves.

“We also will be offering baths to our clients, which is aimed at keeping their dignity intact as this can sometimes be an awkward or embarrassing task to have their family perform,” states Moore.

Along with their meals and bathing services, they’ll also be offering foot care services with a certified foot care nurse, a restorative therapy program aimed at providing assistance and guidance in regaining strength and independence following surgery, stroke or other life-altering events, an there will be recreational programming daily to meet the needs and wants of clients.

The sisters plan to have open communication with their clients and their family, so daily reports will be sent home to inform caregivers of the daily ongoing progress of their loved ones.

Dignified Day will a sports den decorated with memorabilia, showing sporting events every day. Moore adds there will also be a cooking club daily and they’ll be encouraging clients to bring in family-favourite recipes to be incorporated whenever possible.

“We think that just because someone is getting older it doesn’t mean the activities that they enjoyed in their younger years don’t matter anymore,” says Moore.