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Available Services

Our team of small business advisors helps small business owners and entrepreneurs like you make the right decisions at business start-up and help you to develop the skills and access to networks you need to grow and succeed. Please see What We Do.

Personality Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs run businesses, but business owners are not always entrepreneurs. Among many other talents, entrepreneurs usually have vision and an ability to inspire others. Instead of "business as usual", entrepreneurs look for alternative ways to generate revenue, lower overhead, decrease operating costs, and make new contacts.

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Why Not Consider Entrepreneurship?

Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires business planning, innovation and risk-taking. It is a lot of work, but there are also many benefits to being your own boss.

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Buy or Start Your Own Business

Starting a business can be overwhelming for first time entrepreneurs. If you have a great idea and are ready to work hard, then you may wish to start your own business. But if you want to avoid some of the common challenges of starting a business, buying an existing business or a successful franchise may be a better option.

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Small Business Survival

Passion, persistence, and innovative thinking can improve your odds of success. Do you know what you want to achieve? Having determination, setting goals, paying attention to detail and motivating others are all key elements to achieving success and business growth.

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Developing Your Ideas

If you decide to start a new business, you will need to spend some time developing your business idea. One of the greatest advantages of being an entrepreneur is being able to work on something that interests you, and that you are passionate about.

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Newcomer Entrepreneurs

If you are new to Canada and want to start your own business, check out this page from Canada Business Ontario that provides information on programs and resources to help plan for and start your own business.

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Man at business concept stage