Music Windsor-Essex

Music Windsor-Essex

Music Windsor-Essex aims to define and execute a regional music strategy that will led to sustainable economic prosperity and a more interconnected music ecosystem in Windsor-Essex. Launched in 2017, Music Windsor-Essex is led by the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation (WE EDC) and is comprised of a volunteer advisory council of stakeholders with deep professional ties to the local music sector.

The council is tasked with identifying regional initiatives and strategically aligning resources to further four economic development targets: advocacy, communication, education and investment.

Music is an economic driver!

  • In 2015, live music companies in Ontario generated a total of 10,500 full-time equivalent jobs (FTE) as a result of their direct activity, the activity of their suppliers and re-spending of labour income in the wider economy.
  • The tourism activity generated by music festivals created over 9,500 additional FTEs.
  • Statistics Canada shows that there are over 2,000 occupational musicians currently at work in Windsor-Essex and this number becomes multiplied when we factor in spin-off jobs in technology, media, event management and much more.

For more information about Music Windsor-Essex, contact Natasha Marar at 519-997-2922 or

Music Windsor-Essex Objectives:

Education Developing and partnering on educational opportunities that support artists, music business owner and audience development.

Communication Developing tools to externally promote WEMAC including, but not limited to, social media, website management, email campaigns, hosting live music events and educational programing, as well as providing support to public events and initiatives in the local music sector.

Investment Sourcing government and private sector funding for WEMAC programming as well as communicating financial opportunities for local music workers, such as artists, producers, managers, promoters, venue owners, festival organizers and media.

Advocacy Serving as a point of contact for music workers and audiences by researching and promoting music-friendly regional policies.

For more information about the local music sector, read Music Windsor-Essex: Music Strategy Report.