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GreenerBins. Greener World…Composting Made Easy

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Proud Windsorite Dane Fader is demonstrating his passion for entrepreneurship and the environment by starting a business to help reduce the effects of climate change.

GreenerBins Composting Company, launched in June of 2018, diverts food waste from the local landfill by providing weekly organic waste pickup from homes, schools and businesses. That waste is turned into high-quality compost, which is donated back to clients and the community.

“Entrepreneurship runs in my family,” stated Fader. “I always dreamed of starting a business that would help the environment.”
After living in Toronto and Halifax, both cities providing a municipal green bin program, Fader couldn’t stand throwing his food waste in the garbage. He started talking to others in the Windsor-Essex area and realized he wasn’t alone; many people wished for another option. With an idea in motion, GreenerBins was born.

GreenerBins Composting Company started out as just a residential pickup program but has now expanded into the restaurant and other business sectors. Fader’s goal is to continue growing residential and commercial pickup.

“In the future I have my eyes set on big institutions that create huge volumes of waste: schools, hospitals, etc. It’s my dream that GreenerBins will be a part of the solution for this city,” said Fader.

Canada is one of the worst offenders in terms of food waste per capita. Nearly 50 per cent of what ends up in the landfill is compostable. Reading this statistic is one thing, but actually picking up the waste reminds Fader everyday that this service is very necessary and has a big impact.

“I’m motivated by keeping more and more compostable [materials] out of landfills. We’ve gone from picking up 375 pounds per week, to over 800 pounds per day in 2019,” remarked Fader.

As GreenerBins grows, so does its environmental benefit. “I love that the work I’m doing has a positive impact on the community and on a global environmental scale. It’s so inspiring and it keeps me going no matter what.”

Fader’s immense success is not without its challenges. “The most challenging part of GreenerBins has been keeping up with the fast-paced growth,” said Fader, adding, “When I started in June, I wanted to launch a residential pilot program for a few households across Windsor-Essex. By Sept. 1, I had nearly 140 customers; just under five times what I had planned for.”

Keeping up with this growth was incredibly difficult for Fader, but the experience is incredibly rewarding. “I’m so grateful for the community and all the support it has given me. I’m so happy to offer a service that so many people need.”

Starting a business is never easy, but the WindsorEssex Small Business Centre was there every step of the way providing Fader with advice and resources.

“The Small Business Centre was essential to starting GreenerBins. It’s a very supportive and wonderful group of people, and it’s literally their job to help you succeed,” said Fader. “I am so incredibly grateful for the Small Business Centre and everyone involved there, and I look forward to what the future holds.”

Fader also took part in the Starter Company Plus Program, rewarding him with a $5,000 grant to help get his business off the ground. “This program taught me the value of solid financial forecasting and a good business plan. All the work I did in the program has allowed me to plan for the future of the company. It helps me keep my eyes on the horizon, and not just on the daily operations.”

Fader’s advice to anyone looking to start a business is “explain your business idea very clearly, step by step. It might be clear and make sense in your head but translating your idea to someone else is the most important part. Be really clear about what you want to create, what problem you want to fix and what impact you want to have, and you’ll be successful.”

Visit GreenerBins Composting Company online or follow them on Facebook at @greenerbinscompost and help Windsor-Essex #GoGreener


Dane Fader is a client of the WindsorEssex Small Business Centre and received support and mentorship through our programs. You, too, can receive support in launching or expanding your small business. Contact the WindsorEssex Small Business Centre for more information.