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Summer Company Graduate Grows his Ecommerce Business Exponentially

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

A young Windsor entrepreneur has taken his passion for esports and ecommerce and turned it into a successful company, Sten Dragoti, offering esports consulting and B2B ecommerce solutions for large content creators and influencers across Canada and the United States.

Owner Sten Dragoti has always been an entrepreneur at heart and enjoys having the freedom to choose how his time is spent. Dragoti started a website design company, through the Summer Company program. Finding the market saturated, he pivoted and turned his business into a well-rounded marketing agency.

It didn’t take Dragoti long to realize he wanted to grow. “I wanted something more scalable without a fixed salary, where the success of my client's business leads to further success in my own business.”  This led him to create his ecommerce business, which offers a unique B2B white-label solution seldom seen in this industry.

Dragoti’s business specializes in two fields: esports and ecommerce. The esports division offers consulting services for business and strategic planning, production and event formation, and branding and marketing. The ecommerce division offers a unique all-inclusive value proposition including website design, marketing, automation, customer service, graphic design, product sourcing, logistics, and fulfilment.

“What I do requires a unique skillset that's hard to come by, so I am still involved in most processes of my business” stated Dragoti, adding “currently the business generates over $100,000 per month and I expect to reach over $500,000 per month by the end of 2020 with the rate of growth and rapid expansion I am undergoing.”

The biggest obstacle Dragoti faced, as with most businesses, was marketing. “I had the skillset and required knowledge to do my job well but conveying that expertise to other people was extremely difficult” stated Dragoti. “The most important aspect when starting off is developing your own personal branding. I managed to do that by networking with friends and colleagues during my time at school, and by going out there and doing work before I even started thinking about incorporating as a business.”

To launch his initial business Dragoti applied for and was accepted into the Summer Company Program. “Summer Company is a great program that taught me the fundamentals of starting a business” stated Dragoti. “It was a very helpful learning experience for me, and I enjoyed the opportunity to speak to professionals face-to-face and receive input on what I was doing.”

Dragoti’s advice to anyone looking to pursue entrepreneurship is “in order to be successful, you often have to make personal and professional sacrifices, which take a toll on your mental health and spirit. It's easy to look at the end result and ignore the difficulties along the way. If you're prepared to go on that journey and understand the amount of work and tenacity required, then being an entrepreneur can be one of the most fulfilling things in life.”

Dragoti’s experiences and journey has changed his life for the better. “I'm very proud and humbled to be an industry leader in esports and ecommerce, and that I get to be part of two different communities that bring enjoyment and fulfilment to my life. I don't take the opportunities I'm a part of for granted and I strive to have a meaningful impact in the lives of others.”

To apply and learn more about Summer Company, please visit the Ontario website.