Summer Company 2016 Entrepreneurs

Baker Better Fix It
Name: Ryan Baker
Business Type: Computer repairs
Offering computer repairs. 
T: 226-975-6319 | E:
BJC Lawn and Landscaping Care
Name: Brandon Carr
Business Type: Lawn care
Offering lawn and landscaping services.
T: 519-965-7806 | E:
Border City Computers
Name: Francis Orlando
Business Type: Computer repairs
Repair consumer-grade computers.
T519-566-9810 | E:
Name: Milena Simsic
Business Type: Home care
A non-medical home care agency, specializing in helping seniors maintain their independence at home. With the help of PSWs and nursing students, seniors will receive help with daily activities such as grooming, feeding and mobility.
T: 226-280-3102 | E:
R.N. Jewellery
Name: Renée Nassar
Business Type: Retail
Designing and creating handmade jewelry.
T: 226-280-0955 | E:
CWeb Designs
Name: Collin Barker
Business Type: Website design
Offering responsive website designs that are capable of operating on the portable devices of today and the future.
T: 226-350-2979 | E: |
DW Mowing
Name: Dane Weaver
Business Type: Lawn care
Lawn care services, specializing in small residential lots.
T: 519-981-3405 | E:
Elemental Cove
Name: Megan Caza
Business Type: Gaming
Elemental Cove is a Virtual Pet-Raising SIM. In this case, a small habitat of mutated bats who have learned to survive by controlling the natural elements. The game will have a strong sense of community, themes of self preservation, and lessons of ecosystem care. We are currently offering a variety merchandise to help fund the website.
Elite Lawn Care
Name: Kale DeCarlo
Business Type: Lawn care
Offering professional lawn maintenance including: lawn cutting, trimming, fertilizing, snow removal, leaf blowing etc.
T: 226-348-6235 | E:
Friction Networking
Name: Mohamed Mroue
Business Type: Entertaiment
A networking firm that is designed for a person’s self improvement and helping people move forward in life. We also make sure you have fun doing it.
Name: Anahita Hassanpour
Business Type: Skin care
Manufacturing and selling all-natural beauty and skin care products.
Maidstone Yardcare
Name: Derek Chapman
Business Type: Lawn care
Offering complete outdoor care such as: lawn cutting, trimming, siding cleaning, eaves trough cleaning, etc.
T: 519-992-6387 | E:
Name: Gabriel Dagenais
Business Type: Art
Manufacturing of wood art.
T: 519-981-9723 | E:
Pet Place
Name: Kylie Baillargeon
Business Type: Retail
Selling branded dog clothes.
T: 226-340-5886 | E:
Roxy Geist
Name: Roxana Hack
Business Type: Photography
Photography prints, custom frames and t-shirts.
*Special thanks to Roxana for taking this photos you are seeing of this year's Summer Company participants.
T: 519-253-4036 | E:
First Choice Tutoring
Name: Sevda Saadat
Business Type: Education
First Choice Tutoring is a unique local tutoring business based in Windsor, Ontario, that provides elementary school students (grades K-8) the opportunity to expand their knowledge and generate a positive academic outlook, specifically in English, Math, Science, Public Speaking, or simply review/assistance with assignments, projects, studying, etc.
T: 226-246-8713 | E:
Studio Franjolos
Name: Philip Franjo
Business Type: Animation
Providing high quality animated music videos to local and international bands.
T: 519-562-7983 | E:
Studio Pixel
Name: Paolo Dela Cruz
Business Type: Website design
Studio Pixel is a digital design and marketing agency specializing in web design, business photography, graphic design, and print media. We deliver digital design solutions in order to help businesses grow in a time when an effective digital presence is needed now more than ever.
T: 226-787-0374 | E:
The Beach House Goodie Shack
Name: Alexandra Newhook
Business Type: Retail
Manufacturing of island-inspired skin care products such as cold processed soaps, lip balms, body butters and sunscreens and will be sold on Bob-lo Island. 
T: 519-564-7593 | E:
Alex's Upcycle Designs
Name: Alexander Anzovino
Business Type: Retail
Manufacturer of home decor made from recycled pallets and reclaimed wood.
T: 519-733-2859 | E:
Violet Ink
Name: Rija Gillan
Business Type: Retail
Offering artistic services to recycle and transform old furniture pieces.
T: 519-564-0690 | E:
Virtual Reality Exploration (VRX)
Name: Bilal Khan
Business Type: Technology
The production of high quality virtual reality viewers, and 360 degrees immersive video content for small businesses.
T: 519-258-8031 | E:
WeLance Studios
Name: Samuel Xu
Business Type: Website solutions
WeLance Studios provides website construction, custom builds, Wordpress, or Shopify, as well as app development for Android and IOS, website and app maintenance and graphic design.
T: 226-348-0218 | E:
Name: Sten Dragoti
Business Type: Website solutions
Offering website design (from scratch, WordPress or Shopify); app development for Android and IOS; maintenance for website and apps and graphic design.
T: 226-345-1366 | E: