Summer Company 2019 Entrepreneurs

Santo Spencer Briguglio

Spencer Language Solutions

Name: Santo Spencer Briguglio
Business Type: Language Tutoring
Spencer Language Solutions is an impact driven social enterprise designed to help those who struggle with English language proficiency. Offering a variety of programs from IELTS and presentation training to general English as a second language education, they bridge the gap between our clients' skills and success in all walks of life.
T: 226-506-9740
Austin Gillis

2the9s Shoe Restoration and Cleaning

Name: Austin Gillis
Business Type: Shoe Restoration 
2 the 9's is a shoe restoration and cleaning service based in Windsor Essex County that started because of a passion for shoes.
T: 519-890-1481
Kate Dunn

Kate G. Dunn Artworks

Name: Kate Dunn
Business Type: Artist
Kate G Dunn Artworks provides custom art made unique to each individual. Kate began drawing at a young age and since then has experimented with different mediums like watercolour, acrylic, oil, and graphite. Currently Kate focuses on portraits and landscapes.
Tyler Dunlop

Urban Effects

Name: Tyler Dunlop
Business Type: Lawn Care
Urban Effects is a full service lawn care company, providing grass cutting, snow removal, leaf raking, and general yard/garden cleanup services.
T: 226-506-5794
Rafael Muhindo Rwangi

Raf's i Scream

Name: Rafael Muhindo Rwangi
Business Type: Ice Cream and Frozen Treats 
Raf's i Scream sells a varity of ice cream and frozen treats in the McGregor area. 
Joshua Varkey


Name: Joshua Varkey
Business Type: Biodegragable Products
OrganiEco supplies biodegradable bags and containers for retailers to reduce plastic waste.
Hamza Sayed-Ali

Run Far Studios

Name: Hamza Sayed-Ali
Business Type: Website Development
Run Far Studios is a website development company catering to local businesses. Services include in-person consultation and photography of client's goods and services, website development and management.
T: 519-984-1930
Adam Jasniewicz


Name: Adam Jasniewicz
Business Type: IT Services
Databending is intended to help other small business surpass their competition by drastically improving their IT. Databending provides website development, software development (Python, Java…) hosting, computer build and repair, photo and video editing and general IT support and maintenance.
T: 226.280.7055
Cameron Chevalier


Name: Cameron Chevalier
Business Type: Programming and Robotics Camp
CODEducation teaches young students aged 5-15 how to program and how to build robots! CODEducation will be running programming and robotics camps from Monday-Thursday from the week of July 15th until and including the week of August 26th. Costs will range from $79/week ($20/2 hour day) for younger students and $99/week ($25/3 hour day) for older students.
T: 226-347-7703
W: CODEducation
Antoine Saleh

Outdoor Vacations

Name: Antoine Saleh
Business Type: Landscaping
Outdoor Vacations is a professional landscaping company dedicated to making your lawn your own vacation. With many services to chose from such as lawn/garden maintenance, seasonal clean ups, tree/shrub trimming/pruning services and so much more, they guarantee customer satisfaction!
Zain Shaikh


Name: Zain Shaikh
Business Type: Biodegradable and Reusable Straws
Straus is a Canadian company which supplies biodegradable and reusable straws to businesses and educational institutions across Ontario. They have directly saved over 60,000 plastics straws from polluting our landfills and oceans. As well, in order to create a larger impact, every year they donate a percentage of thier profits to a non-profit organization which focuses on the conservation and well being of our planet. They believe in the power of change so together, let us save the world, one straw at a time!
W: Straus
Dominik Jezierski


Name: Dominik Jezierski
Business Type: Archery Rental Company
BowTagger is a combat archery rental company that allows you to rent equipment for both, events and casual needs. The location can be anywhere there is enough space to set up several inflatable bunkers and adequate room for players to move around in. BowTagger can be set up in fields, large yards, and gymnasiums, allowing for a wide variety of possible locations that best fit the customers’ needs.

Amanda Dupuis Art

Name: Amanda Dupuis 
Business Type: Anime and Comic Art
Amanda Dupuis Art is a sole proprietorship that creates fan art for anime and comic conventions. She creates art for prints, buttons, and small plushies. All art is prepared by Amanda digitally.